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Installing Ubuntu Desktop explained in 10 steps

· 2 min read
D Balaji

Ubuntu desktop download

Installing Ubuntu Desktop is a job with no frills but you do not install Ubuntu quite often so it's natural to forget a few things so here are the 10 steps which I followed while installing Ubuntu desktop in 2022.

  1. Download Ubuntu Desktop and Burn it to a USB through a tool called Ryfus

  2. Google for the key combination which would invoke laptop boot from USB. This would save time.

  3. Choose between options available for installing Ubuntu. This step is irreversible so be cautious. I choose to have dual boot with windows OS. Skip wifi setup while installing OS. I find this step to slow down the installation of OS.

  4. Choose a username and password. Make sure you do not forget it. Sometimes in a dual boot setup, you may not use the OS for months.

  5. Once the installation is complete, set up wifi. Once connected, run sudo apt update.

  6. Install VS Code, node, and a postman from the Snap store

  7. Install git from apt package manager

  8. Set up SSH for GitHub and set config email, user name, etc.

  9. Install extra packages to handle .rar and other file formats

  10. Install Synaptic package manager and remove unwanted bloatware games.