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Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)

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What is the Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) award?

The Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) award is the second level of recognition in the Communication Track of Toastmasters International's educational program. To qualify, a Competent Communicator completes the speech projects in two manuals selected from the Advanced Communication Series, each manual involving five speech projects.

I had selected storytelling and humorous speech projects

What are the requirements for the Advanced Communicator Bronze award?

To qualify for the ACB award, you must:

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  • Have achieved the Competent Communicator award (or Competent Toastmaster award), which I did in 2013.
  • Complete two advanced communication manuals
    • Storytelling - 5 speeches
    • Humorous Speaking - 5 speeches
  • Deliver five speeches from each manual
  • Receive and implement feedback

What are the benefits of the Advanced Communicator Bronze award?

The ACB award is a significant achievement that demonstrates your mastery of the fundamentals of public speaking.

ACB Certification also qualifies you to compete for the Distinguished Toastmaster award, the highest honor in Toastmasters International.

How can I get started on the path to the Advanced Communicator Bronze award?

The first step is to become a Competent Communicator after giving 10 speeches in front of the audiences.

Once you finish 10 projects from the chosen manuals, reach out to VP-Education of your club and apply for the award.

Hardest parts of the certification

  • Selecting the right manuals (you need to choose 2 categories) that align with career goals.
  • Peer pressure while choosing manuals, esoteric manuals won't be liked by club members, aka absence of right audience
  • Unavailability of skilled mentors
  • Dedication and time required for study is high compared to previous level

Who should take this certification

  • Passionate speakers who wish to challenge themselves
  • Toastmasters on the path to Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) recognition