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How I created functional custom google domains email address ""

· 2 min read
D Balaji
Lead Design Technologist

Here is the story behind functional custom email address

Why custom email domains

The custom email addresses look more professional on the resume or back of the truck, hope you got my point. I have seen all sort of weird email addresses on the resume like but the improved version would be

Most developers have a website, why not a custom working email address

Steps to create a functional custom email address

  • Create a custom email on your domains registar which in my case is Google Domains

  • Setup email forwarding

  • Create an alias in your gmail

  • Set app password

  • Use gmail smtp settings, gmail address and app password to login

  • Confirm the alias addition to gmail

  • Voila, we are done.

  • Extra steps, like custom signature for the domain could be added

Next steps

Before we go any further, let me clarify two things.

  1. I am not going to pen down every step in this process, instead I will share valuable blog posts which I referred and grateful for

  2. This is a technical one.

    a. Set up email forwarding by following Google documentation.

    b. You will not create a new gmail inbox but add an alias to the gmail. The gmail UI will show a select dropdown with newly added custom domain

    c. Read the Google Documentation