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4 things you need to know about The Enthralling Annual Book Fair in Hosur, A Haven for Literature Enthusiasts

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D Balaji
Lead Design Technologist

"Balaji at Hosur Book Festival"

As an ardent book enthusiast residing in an emerging city, I have often faced the challenge of finding a well-stocked bookstore or literary hub in the vicinity. However, to invigorate our minds and hearts, the residents of Hosur organize an annual book fair that has become a highly anticipated event on our cultural calendar. Having attended this remarkable fair since 2017, I present here four essential aspects that encapsulate its significance.

A Celebration of Tamil Literature

Happening in the heart of Tamil Nadu, the Hosur Book Fair predominantly showcases an impressive collection of books within the realm of Tamil literature. From timeless classics such as Thirukural to masterpieces like Ponniyan Selvan, the fair offers an array of literary treasures that cater to the diverse tastes of the Tamil-speaking populace. A dedicated book store with books related to Periyar, how about that.

Diverse Religious Book Stalls

A distinctive feature of the book fair is the presence of stalls dedicated to various religious themes and spiritual pursuits. Visitors can explore bookshelves teeming with Islamic texts, works by Isha Foundation, and other publications centered around religious ideologies. Importantly, these stalls respect the individual choices of visitors, making the experience inclusive and welcoming.

Unearthing Literary Gems: The Used Book Stalls

A true delight for bibliophiles, the fair boasts a fascinating array of used book stalls akin to an adventurous treasure hunt. Many of these stalls offer books previously owned by readers or libraries outside India. The books are sold either by weight or individually at a nominal price of Rs 100 per piece, providing exceptional value for those seeking hidden literary treasures.

The Trustworthy Source: Authentic Books from Distributors

In a world rife with counterfeit copies, the book fair stands out as a reliable platform where customers can acquire authentic books directly from esteemed distributors, publishers, and reputable book houses. Unlike some online platforms that occasionally deal in pirated editions, the fair assures visitors of genuine and legally sourced literature. While the prices might marginally exceed those found on certain online retailers, patrons are more than willing to invest in the assurance of authenticity.


The annual Hosur Book Fair has evolved into a remarkable celebration of literature and culture, enchanting the bookworms of the city and beyond. With its emphasis on Tamil literature, diverse religious offerings, captivating used book stalls, and a commitment to genuine publications, this literary extravaganza has etched a special place in the hearts of the attendees. As a devoted visitor, I eagerly look forward to each edition of the fair, for it not only rejuvenates the mind but also fosters a profound appreciation for the world of written words.