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Reading Goals 2024

Primary focus on technical reads

Here are my book picks to advance my skills and achieve career goals in the dynamic world of software engineering.

  1. React + D3 using Modern JS by Swizecteller
  2. Learn React with TS by Carl Rippon
  3. Hands-on Full Stack Web Dev with GraphQL and React
  4. Full Stack Serverless by Nader Dabit
  5. Full Stack React by Anthony Accomazzo
  6. Building Micro Frontends by Luca

Design Patterns, Algorithms, and Internal Workings

  1. React 18 Design Patterns and Best Practice by Carlos Santana Roldan
  2. React Hooks in Action by John Larsen
  3. React Design Patterns and Best Practices
  4. Head First Software Architecture by Raju Gandhi
  5. Designing React Hooks the Right Way by Fang Jin
  6. Building Frontend Web Framework by Angel Sola
  7. JavaScript Algorithms by George
  8. JS Data Structures and Algorithms by Samme

Core Topics like HTML, CSS, and JS

  1. Essential TypeScript by Adam Freeman
  2. Essential TypeScript 5 by Adam Freeman
  3. 100 TypeScript Mistakes by Azat Mardan
  4. Programming TypeScript at Application Scale by Boris Cherny
  5. Deep JS by Dr. Axel
  6. Ultimate Tailwind CSS Handbook by Kartik
  7. CSS in Depth by Garant
  8. Webpack for Beginners by Mohammed

App Development with Frameworks

  1. NextJS 13 and React Crash Course by Greg Lim
  2. Practical Next.js for Ecommerce by Alex
  3. The NextJS Handbook by Brandon Kim
  4. The NextJS Cookbook by Andrei
  5. Advanced Web Dev with React by Mehul Mohan
  6. Advanced React by Nadia Makarevich
  7. Building React Apps with Server-Side Rendering by Mohit Thakkar
  8. React Native in Action by Nader Dabit
  9. React Native for Mobile Development by Akshat Paul
  10. React Native Cookbook by StanBershadsky
  11. Practical React Native by Frank
  12. Learn Swift on iBooks
  13. Swift UI by Tutorials by Kodeco
  14. Head First Swift by Paris Buttfield
  15. Head First Kotlin by Dawn Griffiths
  16. Head First GO by Jay McGavren
  17. Head First Data Analysis
  18. Head First Android Development
  19. Frontend Projects with Vue.js 3 by Maya Shavin
  20. Electron in Action
  21. Electron Beginner to Pro
  22. Head First C# and .Net Core by Andrew

Server Side App Development with JS

  1. Mastering NodeJS
  2. Node.JS in Action
  3. JS Applications with Node.JS, React Native, and MongoDB by Eric Bush
  4. Practical Hapi
  5. Hapi JS in Action

Other Foundational Topics

  1. The Road to GraphQL by Robin Wieruch
  2. Head First Web Design by Ethan Watrall
  3. Head First PMP by Jennifer
  4. Head First Networking by AL Anderson
  5. Learning TensorFlow.js by Gant
  6. WebAssembly in Action
  7. Offline-First Web Development

Software Development Topics

  1. Introducing Materialize by Shenoy
  2. JS Interview Topics You Will Most Likely Be Asked

To Study: 56 Books

Happy reading!