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Do It Today Overcome Procrastination, Improve Productivity, and Achieve More Meaningful Things By Darius Foroux

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Hey there, let's discuss an interesting short, light, and no-nonsense read from the self-help genre. Most self-help books try to address one or more than one broad problem in life. This book is no different in that aspect. As the title suggests, this book attempts to solve problems related to

  1. Procrastination
  2. Focus
  3. Meaning in life

About the author

A book cannot be separated from the author because it's the author who gave its form and contents. So the author's personality gets into the book. After reading the book, here is what I understand about the author.

The author is a seeker, and doer and wishes to be deterministic about what he does in life. He seems to avoid the digital life. He is cautious about the time drainers however he says he is not a robot and consumes entertainment.

Overall I like the author because his advice/tips are relevant to modern times.

Groundbreaking ideas from the book

It's a short self-help book that looks like a book summary. From that content, here are my favorite ideas.

Turn off wifi by default

I like this idea because I know successful people and peers at work who have benefitted from this policy. They would turn off data/notifications on the phone. The phone is used only for calls/SMS. I know of people who would reply to Whatsapp messages once a week, they are quite ahead of normal people.

At home, turning off the wifi can be helpful to focus on other aspects of life.

Focus on things other than the job

As an adult, we are our job. We are identified by our job and trusted by banks based on our job so we get attached or dedicated to our job and ignore the rest. Here are other important things in life.

  • Reading
  • Exercising
  • Investing
  • Saving
  • Spending time with people etc

To cut procrastination, boost productivity

Despite a million motivational videos, if we do not love what we do, we are most likely to procrastinate or give up on it. So find something you love to do.

Do the important things today not tomorrow

Recipe for the good life. Focus on what you want and eliminate the rest.


Paying bills is important but there is something more to life than bills themselves.

Overall an interesting short, crisp read which focuses on tactics over techniques for boosting productivity and beating procrastination.

In most places, the author has picked and phrased the best practices and ideas from other books which helps us to remember those ideas as well.

  • For instance, the Pomodoro timer for crushing the work in front of you, we have heard of the same idea from multiple sources.
  • Plan the next day before we hit the bed, we have heard this many times but the authors improve the idea by asking you to visualize how you would feel when you get the tasks done tomorrow.

This book is recommended for people who want to guard their time, build focus and improve their productivity.

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