to be a tracking app for goods borrowed, lent, etc

Side projects are awesome. They stop you from becoming the rhetoric developer. Bookstoc was my first side project and also the first to be dropped few years after launch. After few years of renewing the domain name, without a plan. The domain is going to get a new concept. Here we go

What is the new idea about?

Let me get a little cryptic about my idea to maintain the suspense.

"categoryName": {
"itemName": "HTML 5 Black book",
"image": "",
"start": "10-Mar-2021",
"end": "",
"sharedWith": "KK"

The categories can be created and configured on the go like

  • Borrowed

  • Lend

  • Owe

  • Subscriptions

The same for the form which will be collecting the item data. It would be configurable too.

How is the user going to be identified on the app?

Probably a sign-in with google. The OAUTH2 is something that I use all the time.

How is the data being stored for now?

Ok, I can see that you are interested in the hoisting side of things. I might go with a firebase backend. The real-time sync would be something that will help me to show the products amongst entities.

How about the tech stack

I wanted to have something on the cutting edge like

  • Next JS on the UI layer so SSR is taken care of

  • Offline first experience with PWA

  • NodeJS SSE and real-time chat with a bot on the server-side

  • NoSQL on the backend

  • Put together on firebase/GCP which is not yet decided

How would you explain the idea to a 10-year-old

Bookstoc helps you to record the items you borrowed, lent, bills, warranties, etc. You can create your category as long as it has a start/end date involved like a book to be returned to a friend by some date, the sports item you borrowed on someday, the warranty expiring in a year from today.

I hope I explained it.

What’s the next step

  • Read the book “Getting real” on

  • Set a timeline to finish the project

    • Do research, develop screens with UCD
    • Learn/Get familiar with APIs
    • Write code, test really well
    • Ship things often
  • Once the project is 50% done, make a launch day plan

    • Social media
    • Guest blogging or PR
    • Video marketing
  • Try to avoid the perfection trap as much as possible

  • Of course, dream of monetizing the app.

Are there any nice to have features

  • Reusing the application code to become a mobile app with react-native or equivalent, desktop app with the electron is a nice to have

  • Using ML or CV to identify images that are getting uploaded

Are there any things that you will not do in this project

  • Accumulate scope

  • Avoid tech debt

  • Avoid marketing shyness

Are there any similar apps already out there

Yes, I believe there must a few thousand of them. I got inspired by ilendapp, owyapp, etc. The differentiating factor would be adoption and integration to existing lifestyle digital products which people are already familiar with and using. I do not envision a great app to work in a silo. If my banker works with Whatsapp to send the notification, why should my app work in the silo? Integration is the key.

What next?

Journey of a million miles starts with a single step.

Here I start on this project. Let me achieve the milestones and produce something cool.

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