Bank account hacked but all branch offices are closed

Off late there is not a single citizen who has escaped getting scammed by others, especially when the scammer wields power in some form or simply can put you in trouble. Here is my story related to one of my bank accounts.

Here is the context of the story

To enter college I had to take an education loan. The manager who gave me an education loan had a good opinion about education. He inquired about my education and marks when I went for matters related to the loan. But things change, the manager got transferred and the branch office was renovated to house many employees.

A bigger branch did not mean better staff or services. To close the education loan after full payment, my father had to give money to the manager which the manager told he will deposit to close the account. But no receipt was given. That was the first scam that hit my family. But this happened many years ago and I felt my dad missed the details.

A few months back, another incident happened to me again from the same bank branch.

How it happened

  1. Along with an education loan, I was given a saving account in the same bank. The bank account was not closed along with the education loan.

  2. For 5 years, I parked my savings in that account but never withdrew any amount for 2 years. The debit card was blocked due to activity or for whatever reason.

  3. Then I had activated UPI but the limit was just 5000 per day. I have rejected a credit card some years back in the same bank but the calls for reapplication continue.

  4. On a fine evening at 7.30 pm, I got a message that the KYC was compromised and reach your branch when it was not done by me. I did nothing about it. I logged into the net banking site. I found that my email had one extra character and the address was the same but the city was changed.

  5. I want to rush to the bank but the bank closes at 3 pm for visitors and staff work till 5.30 pm. So a call center is the only possibility.

  6. I got onto the line and blocked online banking, UPI, and debit card. There is no way I can freeze my account.

  7. Luckily my sim card was working properly, and I was receiving OTP alerts. No money was stolen.

  8. Next day I informed the manager with a letter narrating the incident. He did not raise an eyebrow or expressed any concern about it. After keeping me on hold for an hour my account was closed and money was given in the form of a banker’s cheque.

Hard lessons learned

  1. One scam can lead to another. I should have closed my account when the bank manager walked away with my father’s money without a receipt.

  2. Get call center numbers only from their website and not on google.

  3. Check your messages once in a while.

  4. Private banks are good for holding a savings account and to borrow use a government bank.s

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