Followed google reviews and got scammed, had narrow escape

Let’s say if you land in a new city and knew none. You rely on google reviews and try to shortlist vendors for your requirement, but beware most reviews that you would read are either influenced or they are fake. Here is my story about how I got scammed by relying on google reviews.

Here is the context for my story?

My neighbor’s house had new tenants and found them unworthy of trust, so I was looking for a CCTV setup for my home. I pulled open my phone and did a google search. The top 3 results had invalid phone numbers or they were never answered. I scrolled down a little below and found a vendor with 20 five star ratings. I contacted and two guys in their early twenties showed up on a pulsar 200 sports bike without a mask or any equipment.

I was in a hurry because I felt its a security risk for home and quickly permitted them to start their work.

Here is how I got into trouble

  1. The young chaps again came on the same sports bike with very less tools. I had to give them extra tools by either borrowing or even asking them to buy on my behalf. In my area, the required tools are to be carried by the workers themselves. Good painters and carpenters do the same.

When I asked them why they had no tools, they said they did not have money to buy tools. It’s a lie, they are using a sports bike and dressed well.

  1. The bills which they gave were fake. The company name was fake, the numbers attached to the items were fake and inflated. I was told that Amazon prices are not the same as the market. I was told that he can offer a warranty. Finally, fake bills wasted my money.

  2. They were novices and knew nothing about installing the device. I had to follow them wherever they go. I was complained about following them at work all the time. Novice folks need guidance and checks all the time. I wasted my whole weekend.

  3. I posted the exact experience on google review and slapped them with a one-star rating. I was abused on WhatsApp verbally with arrogance.

  4. I moved on, after a month the google review was a hindrance for them. The review got 200 views. Later I got calls from strangers, and they forced me to delete the review immediately.

  5. I told to google pay the extra money in favor of fake bills and procurement bills. I had proof that procurement bills were fake. They said it’s a common practice for them which they would negotiate and reduce at the final discussion. I was never sent a rupee back on google pay.

  6. I was threatened by strangers on a phone call that they can give me money back after removing and equipment that was nailed to the walls. This was the final threaten after which I decided to move on from these violent folks.

Hard lessons learned

  1. Fu** technology and reviews online even when found on google products. If you got to transact with thousands of rupees and above, check with friends and family first. I wish people who took money from lending apps had checked with friends and family. They might have not ended their lives.

  2. Check the personality of the vendors. If they are cheaters or dressed like thugs. Just show them the door. I should have suspected them when they came on a sports bike and without a mask. After all, the profit margins in their industry are not good enough to buy sports bike. They are scammers who are making more money with fake bills.

  3. Identify fake reviews. Check the language and duration between reviews. Most reviews are done by friends and agencies for money.

  4. Check with at least 3 vendors and compare the prices. Never create an artificial deadline and run behind it.


Check with friends and family before choosing contractors or businesses to deal with. Buying expensive items like gold, real estate, services from strangers can prove to be an expensive mistake.

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