Minimalism on the internet

Whenever I talk about minimalism people think I am some sort of miser but I am a value seeker. In this article, I would like to show the route to minimalism on the internet.

What is minimalism?

There can be a lot of views, definitions, and concepts around minimalism but here is what I follow.

  1. Seek more value and less confusion

  2. Do not repeat an activity

  3. Avoid rabbit holes

How I simplify my online life

Before we get into trickier conversations related to point one “value” let me talk about point 2 “Do not repeat an activity”

  1. I use only one email address for all my personal use. No more scattered emails across yahoo or Gmail.

  2. Carry one phone with one sim card. Do not have to install apps or pay the bill for 2 sim cards.

One app for one purpose. Avoid multiple apps that do the same thing.

  1. Always shop from one app. That way you are familiar with the return process and refunds. That’s one way to avoid rabbit holes.

  2. Keep things protected with antivirus, etc so you reap more value and fewer issues.

  3. Do not carry duplicate apps doing the same thing. Like chat apps, payment apps, etc

  4. Do not spend on purchasing an app unless there is no free alternative, or it is 10x better than the others. You can use the same money elsewhere.

  5. Do not work with apps that gamify or influence you. I avoid apps that trick you with rewards.

  6. Always use your card at verified websites.

  7. Set up a reminder on tools like Alexa to remind you of chores like bills, license expiry, etc. So you do not miss them and pay fines.

  8. Do not scroll more than 3 times. If you are using an app and scrolled more than thrice, just leave the app. You are wasting time or getting addicted.

Do not scroll more than 3 times in an app.

  1. Do not buy smart gadgets when your phone can do the same thing.

  2. An ad blocker, up to date browser, and password manager are must-have when are living online.

  3. Do not trust reviews blindly even if it’s on Amazon or Google. Common sense, experience from real people in your life, and reviews are the last resort.

  4. Do not jump into money-making apps where selling or some illegal work is required. If they had been so easy to sell, they would have scaled up by adding more employees.

  5. Take a free trial wherever possible. If it’s a money related transaction. Make a small transaction and check the waters thoroughly. That way you can stay away from rabbit holes.

Here is the killer tip

Identify and manage the addictive apps, conversations, etc

Let us face it, we cannot live without emails, youtube, facebook gang of apps, etc but these apps consume most of your time and give less value. The content cannot be addictive. These apps can eat your time with infinite scrolling. I remember spending 1.5 hours on instagram just by scrolling the screen. I regret that one, scrolling instagram a 1000 times in a day.

Here is my plan

  1. Youtube - 2 scrolls on the home page, rest of your time on the subscriptions section.

  2. Facebook and others - time it with a countdown timer.

  3. News - check once a day.

Identify the apps and time the usage. Same with friends, have an agenda, fix time and execute it.

Exchange time to get value on the apps or elsewhere.


Pursue value, productivity, and less risk when you are online. Stay away from fads.

Do not be afraid to say I am not using that app yet.

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