My 2021 Goodreads challenge of reading 100 books, what it means?

At the dawn of the year, I commit to reading a certain number of books. You can call it a Reading goal. Last year I committed to reading 20 books but this year its 100 books. My highest to date. Here is why I set this goal.

What is a Goodreads challenge

It’s simple a reading challenge. You take up the challenge on a website called Goodreads. Your fellow bookworm friends get to see your reading goal and the progress you make on them.

Here are a few highlights about Goodreads challenges

  • Goodreads maintains the history of past year challenges. You can see the books you have read in a particular year.

  • You can always work on the previous year challenge if you got time

  • By publicly taking up a challenge, you are more likely to read more books than being in a silo.

  • Goodreads challenge informs the reader if he is keeping up the pace to achieve his goal or not. I need to read 1 book every 4 days to finish my reading challenge.

My Goodreads challenge in 2021

dhbalaji commits to reading 100 books by end of this year

I have partly divided how many books I am going to read in different genres. I will be reading 50 technical books and 50 non-technical books.

I am yet to decide on the books I will be reading.

I read a variety of formats

- Paperback

- Ebooks

- Audio-books

- Kindle

Biggest threat for your Goodreads challenge

Reading is an activity that needs your brain to be in a certain state. I would call it a tranquil state. I would not expect any major disturbances in my personal or professional life.

Not having a book when you got time & not making time for your books is a bigger threat.

You need discipline and focus. Focus is about saying no to certain things so that you can focus on the important things in life. A reader simply does not have time for several hobbies and tv shows. As long as I focus on reading, I can finish my challenge.

Things my reading challenge do to me

  • Reading imparts courage & self-confidence to your character. No other activity in life teaches you about courage, especially the valorous non-fiction stories are amazing.

  • Reader practices discipline amidst distraction. Your mobile is like a crying baby, needing you to use addictive apps. With the reading challenge, I can discipline myself to ditch the mobile phone. Most apps do not work when I put my phone on airplane mode while I am reading.

  • Readers live many lives. Readers come across several experiences and can learn something from each story. With only a few sensory organs engaged, we can rejoice reading and devour the words.

Reading improves your vocabulary. You learn new words and also know their spellings.

  • Never be without a book. To be triumphant at the reading challenge, you need to carry a book wherever you go. Sometimes it’s a physical book and other times it’s a digital copy on tablet or kindle.

    Recently I fell in love with reading on my 10-inch tablet. You can download PDF books from the internet and start reading on a screen that is about the size of the page. Needless to say, the zoom functionality is simply great on PDF reader apps like adobe. The font and sizes are just right for your eyes.

Ebook is comfortable to read especially when it is a bulky book but paperback gives the feel of owning a book. I am proud of my paperback book collection than my ebooks.

The side effects I face due to my voracious reading habit

  • Not making time for people and abdicating tasks to others.

  • I have trust issues and tend to get irritated when people cheat me. All the people & authors in the bookish world are our allies and write books to help you succeed. The heroes in the nonfiction books are selfless and inspiring. In the real world, people cheat, neglect, and take advantage of you.

  • I find television programs very simplistic and are made for people with lesser receptive powers. In the reading world, the reader can understand a concept through words, complex words, long sentences and feel great about it. In television programs, there has to be canned laughter so that audience can understand it as a joke.

  • I get along with other readers better than non-readers. Sometimes readers have bad reading habits like my fitness habits, it disappoints me.

  • Video content is great but why listen slowly when you can read fastly. Let’s say an author can speak 6000 words per hour, I can read more than that in an hour. I prefer tech videos over tech books.

Information gets commoditized in markets, you need to choose what is right for you.

  • Sometimes it feels like too much knowledge and less action. This can frustrate you because you are not the ignorant person whose ignorance is his bliss.

  • Shopping, cult trends & wandering around disinterest you because of your commitment to the reading challenge.

Parting thoughts

A reading challenge like a Goodreads challenge can keep you focused on your goal. You become more accountable because you are committed to something in public.

Goodreads challenge is one of the interesting things a new year brings to readers like me.

The follow-up article to the 2021 Goodreads challenge blog post will follow at the end of 2021.

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