Work around for dead laptop keyboard keys in windows 10

The laptop keyboard is a critical input device. It’s also prone to issues like the delete button not working or few buttons here & there giving up. Here is a workaround with sharp keys software.

What are the possible solutions for dead keys on the keyboard be like?

  • Replacing the keyboard on the laptop. It’s expensive and could risk your data when the laptop lies at the service center for days.

  • Connect an external keyboard. A cheaper alternative but you need to carry the other keyboard all the time.

  • Swap the key with other lesser-used keys on the keyboard through registry editing. Nobody except you will like your keyboard 😁. It’s DIY and costs nothing. We are moving the functionality from a dead key to another key that you do not use often like forward slash.

How to change the registry to change delete button functionality with other

  1. Download sharpkeys software. Its a freeware. Visit

  2. Asks for admin permission, grant it. It’s your personal computer and you want to edit the registry on Windows OS

  3. Click on the add button & enter key mapping. Note: You cannot swap keys. You cannot use keys reserved for other functions like print screen.

  1. Finally write to the registry

  2. Sign out and sign in on your windows. You should be able to see the new mapping working.

What are the drawbacks of this solution

  • The dead key won’t work when you are booting.

  • If you have multi-OS, you need to find a fix on that OS.

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