Three good things college education teaches the life long learner

Having spent a couple of years at graduation school aka college~~~~, we have learned a few good lessons which are applicable in real life too. Here I summarize 3 of those tips along with one lifesaver tip.

1. Discipline holds the key to progress

There was a reason why they scheduled classes at 8 am when they knew nobody likes to get up early and rush to college. But in hind sight, I realize that nothing can be achieved without discipline.

You better got to schedule the important things in the morning. At least schedule something and stick to it.

2. Variety of subjects help to connect the dots

It’s a common thing among developers who just get things rolling. They will be like “Oh Balaji, you want us to study that technical book. That is not required at work right?”. Imagine at college if every subject were elective. People would have just chosen

1. Data structures & Algo
2. C++
3. Java
4. Web programming
5. Android

As a seasoned developer, I understand that

1. Computer networks
2. Operating systems
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Mathematics
5. Software engineering

are equally important to become a well rounded professional.

Next time when you are tempted to avoid learning something outside the box, go for it. Especially be good at Linux concepts.

3. Have your credit system for any topic of study

One look at the curriculum shows the expected time to complete studying a particular topic. For instance

Basics of Java - 2 credits where 1 credit equals a minimum of 30 hours of study. It means you need to spend a minimum of 60 hours outside of classroom hours to master the topic. If someone makes a tutorial which is like 5 hours to master React or a 1000 page book. Most people frown at it. This attitude must change.

Give react 2 credits. Slow down and absorb as much as you can from the documentation. Then life would be less stressful. Fill up the hours with books, videos, and practice hours.

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